Daisy-i is committed to promoting the development of literacy among young students.  To this end, all of the exercises that we produce for the Computing Homework site are designed to encourage children to read. In the same vein, we are developing a number of fictional titles which we hope will further our aim to promote literacy. Each of these books is supported by an extensive glossary to aid young readers in developing their vocabulary.

Our first work of fiction was entitled, My Mate’s as ‘Ard as Nails (My Obdurate Companion). This was published in December 2013. A second edition of this book was published in March 2017: ISBN: 978-0-9927318-5-4.

If you are interested in buying individual copies of this book, you can do so from Amazon. Please use the links on the right to navigate to the appropriate page on Amazon.

If you are a school, library, book shop or charitable organisation, please contact us for discount rates and terms.

A second book in the series was published in October 2017. This is entitled, My Mate Could Talk for England (My Voluble Companion) ISBN: 978-0-9927318-7-8.

Daisy-i will also be publishing a children’s adventure story to tie-in with the exercises for the BBC Micro:bit that are now available on the Computing Homework site. This book is entitled, The BBC Micro:bit and the Moon Dust Aliens. This title is due to be published in November 2018, ISBN: 978-0-9927318-3-0.

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